HouseFire Records began as Dali Van Gogh Music, a company founded by Isaac Kent to give a business and legal backing to the rock band Dali Van Gogh. At the end of 2013, when DVG went on hiatus, Isaac found himself with little to do and lots of time to do it. Having collected an extensive amount of knowledge and contacts in the music industry (through his dealings managing the band), he decided the best use of his time and talents was to help other artists push forward in their careers.


In February of 2014, Dali Van Gogh Music was expanded and opened to the public as a fully operational record label, music distributor, and recording studio. Since that time, the company has signed, produced, and distributed artists from around the world, including Seraphic Eyes (Italy), Tri City Villains (Nova Scotia), and Target The Dreamer (Alberta). Expanding business practices to include live performance and bookings, the label put on it's own music festival (#DVGMFest2015) in May of 2015, and has sponsored and supported numerous other large scale events.


Shortly before DVGMFest, Isaac suffered a crushing blow, losing his home and studio to a devastating house fire that nearly claimed the lives of he, his girlfriend, and his dog. The recording side of the business was halted, with renewed focus on artist marketing, distribution, and bookings.


Now, DVGM has rebranded as HouseFire Records, in memory of the event that nearly destroyed it. The business now features a state of the art recording studio in Halifax, NS. We now distribute to over 20,000 radio stations, plus thousands of press and media outlets around the world, and also offer career consulting, brand management, web and social media development, as well as design services. Our operations are ever expanding, as is our team, with no limit in sight.

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