Basic Tracking: $40.00/hour. This includes full multi tracking of your band, either off the floor (Max 24 simultaneous tracks) or track by track (there are no hard drive rental fees), a professional sound engineer, full use of all in studio equipment, and song stems via dropbox or external drive (provided by artist). See studio page for more details.


Mixing: $50.00/hour. Our mixing time is calculated on a clock in / clock out basis, with logs kept for full disclosure. Artists are welcome to sit in room with us, however we understand that in many cases time is of the essence, so we often mix through the night. We use Presonus Studio One 3 Professional with a host of Waves, Slate, and other plugins for all mixes unless otherwise specified by the client. Mixes are provided in 24 or 16 bit, 44100 Hz, and are available in Wave, AIFF, FLAC, CAF, or MP3 format on an audio or date disk.


Mastering: $75.00/Song, $350.00/EP (Max 5 Songs), $800/LP (Max 12 songs), $1150/Extended Album(13-17 Songs). We provide mastering rates on a per song and per record basis, and encourage artists to submit mixes appropriate to the deals. All masters are radio ready, and can be made available in mono format should the artist wish to submit recordings to AM radio. All artists will recieve a duplication ready master disk, as well as MP3 files for digital use. Masters are tested on several monitors, and in various listening environments before being given to the artist. All disks are checked for C1, C2, and CU errors. All mastering is done with Presonus Studio One 3 Professional and a host of Waves Slate, and other plugins.





1 Song Package: $400.00 Includes 4 hours of recording time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, and a fully mixed final product on a master disk and in MP3 format.


3 Song Package: $900.00 Includes 7 hours of recording time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, and a fully mixed and mastered final product on a master disk and in MP3 format.


EP (5 Song) Package: $1400.00 Includes 15 hours of recording time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, a fully mixed and mastered final product on a master disk and in MP3 format, and a feature on our website and social media.


Album (8-12 Song) Package: $3500.00 Includes 40 hours of studio time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, a fully mixed and mastered final product on a master disk and in MP3 format, and a feature on our website and social media. (Note: this package does not include pre-production time, artist should come with record ready material or contact us for a custom quote for your full production project).





Singer / Songwriter Package: $150.00 Includes tracking of one voice and one instrument, 1 hour of recording time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, a producer, and a fully mixed and mastered final product on a master disk and in MP3 format.


Singer / Songwriter (3 song) Demo Package: $300.00 Includes tracking of 1 voice and 2 instruments (some layering/harmonies permitted), 2 hours of recording time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, and a fully mixed and mastered final product on a master disk and in MP3 format. This is a great package for aspiring song writers who want to test the waters with their material.


Singer / Songwriter (5 song) Featurette: $600.00 Includes tracking of 2 voices and 2 instruments (some layering/harmonies permitted), 5 hours of recording time with a producer, full use of all studio equipment, a fully mixed and mastered final product on a master disk and in MP3 format, a feature on our website and social media, and a professionally written press release distributed to our media contacts to help promote your career.


Combinations and custom packages are on a client to client basis. Contact us for more details.




HouseFire Records offers full service recording, mixing, and mastering to both our signed artists and the general public. We have our very own state of the art recording studio at 1538 Shore Road in Eastern Passage, just a 10 minute drive from downtown Halifax. Features include a spacious 800 square foot live room, multiple isolation booths, and a mixing / mastering chamber. While we prefer to create custom deals for our clients that combine our services, we do offer several different rates and recording packages:

Prices include tax. Weekly and bi-weekly payment plans are available for all packages priced $500.00 or more.. Finished Products are delivered to the client in a timely fashion, but remain the physical and intellectual property of HouseFire Records until full payment is made.




HFR owner Isaac Kent provides both Artist Development Consulting (including brand consulting) and dedicated Artist Management services to our clients, nearly 80% of the time via larger contract deals or a full signing to the label. However, from time to time we have been asked to consult with unsigned clients and are of course happy to help. Prior to any business meetings, Isaac always wants to have a sit down over coffee to get to know the client and their needs. Any charged, hourly billing will begin after that.




Artist management is a truely custom field. It can including everything from booking your band's gigs and getting your record into stores, to managing the day to day on goings of your band like scheduling rehersal time, to direction planning and long term career development, to deciding who gets top bunk on the tour bus, to representing you in contract negotiations. You see where we are going with this. 


Artist management always includes and unlimited number of Career Development and Brand Management meetings. If you are interested in being managed by HFR, please contact us to schedule a free meeting with Isaac Kent to discuss exactly what you need in a manager or management team. We will then make you an offer based on your specific needs.




Career Development Meetings will focus on pushing you music as a business forward. Together we'll create a plan to help you innovate and grow as a product, and get you through some of the tough, non musical decisions you'll have to make with your career.


Topics include but are not limited to:


 - Financial Planning

 - Sales Goals and Marketing Plans

 - Contracts and Negotiations

 - Tour Planning

 - Copyright and Trademarks

 - Publishing (ie SOCAN, ASCAP, etc)

 - Radio Tracking (ie NBDS, SoundExchange, etc)

 - Shorterm, Longterm, and Dream Goals

 - Scheduling and Organization

 - General Direction Planning




Brand Management Meetings delve into the DNA of what makes you YOU! We'll take an in depth look at who you are as an artist, who you want to be, and most importantly who you want the public to see you as. Details of the meeting will of course depend on the length or number of meetings.


Topics include but are not limited to:


 - Your Sound

 - Your on stage and off stage Look

 - Your Website

 - Your Social Media Presence

 - Logo Development

 - Merchandise Design (including album art)

 - Sponsorship

 - Advertising

 - Dealing with the Press


Prices include tax.




HouseFire Records is proud to now offer distribution of your music to 25000 radio stations in more than 50 countries around the world including but not limited to: The United States, England, France, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. Distribution takes place over the course of a year, and full tracking reports are delivered on a quarterly basis.


Due to the time constraints involved in typing out each and every individual submission, HFR staff are no longer able to offer smaller distribution packages. However Radio submissions are a standard part of nearly all of our custom deals, which come with a significantly reduced rate. Please feel free to contact us for a custom quote. Serious inquiries only please.


Our distribution lists are ever expanding and evolving. Every station we submit to have accepted music from us within the last year. Stations that have not are removed from our general distribution lists until Isaac has made direct contact with them to inquire further.





Want to get your music into the ears of millions of potential fans around the world? This new era of music listening is rapidly evolving. We now have youtube, Spotify, Google Play, and direct streaming from Itunes. But despite this, radio, be it online, satelite, or AM/FM, is still the number one way in which the people discover new music in across the globe.


HFR distributes music to over 25000 radio stations and streaming services around the world. While we cannot guarantee your song will be picked up by each and every station, every submissions goes with our strong recommendation and history with the station as a label.


Submissions are genre specific, and are done individually. This is extremely time consuming, but far and away achieves the best results.





Have a news story about your band but just not sure how to get it out there? Have a new single or album dropping but have no idea who to tell about it? Sounds like you need a publicist.


Publicity comes in many forms, from spoken word buzz among your fans, to written press, to a quick mention on a talk show, and generally one will eventually lead to the others if cultivated properly. We at HFR  provide several services to help you increase you exposure in a meaningful, directed way. With a long list of over 1000 media outlets including Newspapers, Bloggers, Reviewers/Critics, Radio/TV Hosts, and Magazine Editors throughout North America, as well as a few gifted writers on staff, HFR will show you in the best possible light to all the right people and help you get the targeted attention your career deserves.


Our publicity services cover a very wide range of medium and are generally taylored and customized in a packaged format, however we do have a few base services that fall under 2 catagories:





The first step for any artist who is seeking media attention is to make sure you have a well written biography available for viewing. Be it on wikipedia, facebook, or you own website, your bio is generally the frist place the press will look for information about you and your music. Thus, having a concise and well written biography is essential for any serious musician.


Our writers will sit down with you and listen to your complete story. We'll interview every member of your project, and will then craft an enticing history with all the important highlights.





Aside from the music itself, press releases are generally the way we first grab the media's attention. Journalists will be looking for key components and information to determin if you story is news worthy, and if so will sometimes even run the release itself, unedited. Our writers will take your news and turn it into a story that will be compelling to the press.


Please note, this service is designed to target the general press. If you would like us to write a release to target a specific media, for exmample Reviewers, please contact us for custom pricing.





Our complete Media Campaign includes distribution of your press release or news story to HouseFire's entire media list. This includes all genre specific radio stations, reviewers, bloggers, magazines, online & in printer news papers, and all other press we can reach. Your story will be listed as breaking or recent news, and will go into the hands of the editor, writer, or equivalent position in each instance.





HFR's Radio campaigns are often combined with our radio single distribution packages, with custom pricing. However, if you have a piece of news that is worthy of mention on radio this is the package for you. Distribution of your press release or news item will go to all genre specific radio stations on our lists.






Reviewer campaigns are designed to get the attention of bloggers, youtubers, or other potential media in the hopes that they will officially review your latest single, album, video, or the like.


Reviews are an essential part of growing a band's notoriety and fan base, as well as help gain the band long term media attention.


Prices include tax. Please note, all submitted press for distribution must meet current media guidelines.




HouseFire Design created the website you're looking at right now, as well as several others across the web including and Our websites are fully HTML5 compatable, and are optomized for mobile viewing. For client ease of use and editing, most of our sites are designed with the incredibly powerful WiX design engine, however we also design wordpress compatible sites as well.t



Many new artists struggle with creating, maintaining, and marketing their facebook pages to a large audience. HFR can take the stress away by helping you to create and manage a friendy and inviting page for your audience.


Please note. HFR does not condonethe purchasing of page likes. All of our Facebook campaigns are marketed towards your target audience, but we cannot garantee page growth.



HFR has had huge success in the world of twitter development and marketing. If you struggle with growing your twitter following, we have the tools to help!


Please note, HFR does not condone the purchasing of twitter followers. All of our twitter marketing techniques are directed at your target audience, but we cannot garantee an increase in your follower base.



HFR has had massive success in the world of instagram development and marketing. With a success rate to the tune of 1000 new followers a month, if you're looking to grow you instagram account we know exactly how!


Please note, HFR does not condone the purchasing of instagram followers. All of our twitter marketing techniques are directed at your target audience on a client to client basis



Our team at HouseFire has years of experience navigating the ever growing market of web and social media advertising. We also have a skilled team of graphic designers who can help you put your best foot forward online.


All of our social media and web services are priced by custom quote only, and expand well beyond the examples here. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.




HFR has an excellent design department skilled in everything from poster designs to logos and branding. All design work is quoted on an hourly rate of $55.00/hour. Contact us for your project's custom quote. Services include:

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