Dali Van Gogh Releases Three Singles To Audiences World Wide

Dali Van Gogh began in 2008 when long time musicians and partners Isaac Kent and Megan MacKenzie met up with drummer Nason Scribner. Nason’s talent and unique style of drumming was a perfect match for Isaac and Megan's sound. It was at that time that they began to look for that special vocal talent. In early 2010, after spending some years with other singers, Isaac ran across a youtube video of Marcel McNeil and found their 4th member. Current members include: Isaac Kent – guitar Marcel McNeil – vocals Sean Sawler – drums Scott Turnbull – bass Now a force to contend with this talented group, Dali Van Gogh, began working on their first CD. In the midst of the recording process, the group was contacted by 272 Records in Hollywood, Ca. to be part of the label's compilation album Kill City Vol. 27. The band's song “The Demon” was selected to be part of this international release as one of only two Canadian bands featured on the CD. This CD was released in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, France, as well as the U.S. and Canada. You can purchase this CD by logging onto www.myspace.com/dalivangogh or www.amazon.com. Dali Van Gogh is currently featuring 3 singles; “Not My Worst”, “Weight of the World” and “Sober”. “Not My Worst” is from a yet to be released and untitled CD. “This single is getting its pre-release due to it's extraordinary power and texture. It captures a well synchronized and well versed group with a sound that is like no other,” quoted Grace Consoli of A & R Select, a publicity company out of Beverly Hills, California. The title describes the song, and it's character realizing that he himself is his own worst enemy. He realizes that sometimes you have to look at yourself and not blame those around you for your circumstances. “In this single every musician shines as each has the opportunity to highlight their talents. It reflects the band as a united group and the power that is generated when the synergies flow so perfectly,” she went on to say. “Weight of the World” is from their debut CD “Verbal Warning”. It is about feeling the responsibility and pressure of creating something that brings forethought and growth. “This song is an anger filled eruption of frustrations and torment about not understanding how the world works. This particular song also covers an emotional journey representative of the overall energy and mood of this CD,” said Grace. “Sober” is a description that one might feel in the face of loneliness. Torn between two roads, the character is unsure as to what road to take; whether fame or love. He believes he is unable to do both. Joe Conte, Manger of Artist Relations at A & R Select, said of the band, “Each of these songs are different in so many ways. The talent that these musicians bring into play have the ability to take certain circumstances and experiences and twist them into a song that will leave you spell bound. From those incredible vocals right down to the spine tingling guitar riffs, every chord, every note, every sound leaves a mark.” “Verbal Warning” was released in November, 2010 and is available in its physical format along with digital storefronts including but not limited to:

www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh www.twitter.com/dalivangogh www.facebook.com/dalivangogh www.myspace.com/dalivangogh www.supernova.com/dalivangogh

www.promofm.com/dalivangogh www.youtube.com/dvgrock


Dali Van Gogh were winners of the Nova Scotia 2011 Rogers Battle of the Bands, placing third the National Finals. They sat at the top of the Reverbnation Rock charts for Halifax Nova Scotia for 28 straight weeks. They are currently working on their second, as yet untitled CD, which is set for release in 2012.

For your review, the complete released works of Dali Van Gogh can be listened to at www.promofm.com/dalivangogh. Dali Van Gogh is currently working with A & R Select based in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, publishing, and placement opportunities.


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