Experimental Project The Unchained Release Twisted New Single


Halifax based side project of Dali Van Gogh guitarist Isaac Kent and local radio voice Ethan “The Renegade” Anderson have a very different and forthright attitude toward creating their music. Described as a bastard love child of Marilyn Manson and the creepy circus side show that just rolled in to town, The Unchained have been slowly putting together the pieces for their upcoming debut release, to be titled Circus Of Sound. The album will feature 13 original songs, and deluxe editions are planned to feature an additional 3.

Today, the duo release their most experimental and psychedelic piece of music to date. Heroine is a twisted look into the journey of and addict

experiencing their “final, fatal” high.

“We have a procedural chart for our songs,” says vocalist and lyricist Ethan Anderson. “We ask ourselves, 'Does it sound screwed up?' If the answer is yes, then we move on. If the answer is no, then we still have work to do. Heroine is certainly the furthest we've taken this concept... so far. ”

The song, which chimes in at a whopping 7 minutes and 24 seconds, begins with dis-chordal ringing in the ears before Anderson's low baritone rings off the first few lines of the song, which progresses further and further in to disarray through the first two verses and choruses. The song then quickly spirals out of control, edging its way to the section guitarist Isaac Kent describes as the “I'm Afraid Of Bees” bridge. From here you are treated to a rushing crescendo in a final extended chorus. Throughout the song, the drums represent the irregular and often racing heart and consciousness of the user, and were played by Anderson (who is not a drummer) for this effect.

You can check out the new single at www.theunchained13.bandcamp.com.


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