Dali Van Gogh's “Wild Blue City” Puts Atlantic Canadian Rock Music On The Map.

Dali Van Gogh have released their new single “Wild Blue City”, the title track of the band's new record. The track is already spinning world wide, including but not limited to markets in Great Britain, Mexico, The Philippians, Norway, and the United States.

“Wild Blue City” [both the single and the record] is the culmination of over a years work, which started in late 2011 with the departure of two of Dali Van Gogh's previous line-up, and the arrival of Scott Turnbull on Bass and Sean Sawler on Drums. The two new members, along with founder Isaac Kent on Guitar, and Vocalist Marcel McNeil, immediately began to tighten up Dali Van Gogh's sound, and entered the studio soon after to begin work on the new record, as well as the EP “Mask Identity”, which was released in April of 2012.

“'Wild Blue City' is the beginning of the new sound of Dali Van Gogh,” said guitarist Isaac Kent. “It's a little different then what people may remember of us from this time last year. It's heavier, and harder hitting then our old record, and is a good reflection of where we stands with the new line up. Sean [Sawler] and Scott [Turnbull] both have significant metal backgrounds, and you can hear some of that comeing through on this song. Don't get me wrong though, it's still DVG, we've just come a long way from where we were when we recorded Verbal Warning in 2010.”

“It's my favorite song to play live,” said Bassist Scott Turnbull on the track. “We definitely get the best crowed reactions from it. People love it.”

“Wild Blue City” is, from this writers stand point, the best vocal performance to date from Marcel McNeil. His melodies carry the song from beginning to end, but still leaves room for the rest of the band to shine. He had this to say on the piece; “Wild Blue City is like a re-boot for us. We've restarted everything and are now ready to take some big steps forward. I can't wait to keep the ball rolling with our upcoming shows.”

The album version of the song begins with the all too familiar sounds of city life, with building guitar lines [which is where the radio version starts you] that lead you up to Marcel's grand entrance. From his opening lines of “Wild Blue City, I've got a story for you!” to the in your face guitar solo, through to the crescendo at the end of the track, this song is uniquely a Dali Van Gogh piece. The world can look forward to a lot more music like this from the band.


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