Target The Dreamer Signs With HouseFire Records

Local singer/songwriter Victoria Elizabeth has signed her new project [Target The Dreamer] to HouseFire Records (HFR) for a one record, six month term.

Already known in the indie community for her intimate acoustic performances, Victoria has changed her direction in recent months to Post-Hardcore and Punk music. Focusing on combining her smooth vocal style with heavy metal screams, the band's as yet untitled album will feature a wide range of material, from Acoustic-oriented Ballads, to Hardcore Metal, to Paramore-esque Pop Punk.

“It's an intriguing record for me,” said Isaac Kent, owner/operator of HFR. “I was initially interested in working with Victoria on her songwriting merit alone and then she approached me with the idea of writing a lyrically focused Post-Hardcore album. I knew I had to do it. No other artist I'm currently working with is likely to have so wide a spectrum of sound. Calling it straight Post-Hardcore doesn't even really do it justice. There's influences from metal to jazz, from punk to folk music.. My challenge is to make it all sound like one artist, and one contiguous record. That's a challenge

I wholeheartedly accept!”

Kent will be working in an extremely

close producing roll with Victoria in writing the album, and is expected to be credited with co-writing many of the songs. Well known for his guitar work

with the band Dali Van Gogh among

other projects, Kent was asked about possibly performing a guitar solo on the album: “We'll see I guess. It'll really depend on what the song demands. Think about it, how many guitar solos do you hear in punk rock? Very few. How about metal? TONNES! We're aiming for something in the middle, so you never know.”

For updates on writing and recording, as well as for general news about the band, follow them on and like them on

This announcement follows the recently announced signing of Tri City Villains to HFR, showing that Isaac Kent isn't afraid to branch out from his rock roots. “People ask me about this a lot actually. No we [HouseFire Records] are not solely a rock label. We're working with Pop musicians, Metal-heads, Rappers, I've even got an old school Sinatra style crooner I'm it talks with. I just don't go telling the world about it before we have everything signed in triplicate. Stay tuned folks, you'll hear all about it in no time.”

HouseFire Records is a new Halifax based company founded by Dali Van Gogh lead guitarist Isaac Kent, running Label Operations, Radio Promotion, Digital Distribution, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance, Artist Management, Graphic Design, and Social Media Development.


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