Revenge Killed Mary Jane signs with HouseFire Records

Halifax based band Revenge Killed Mary Jane (RKMJ) sign their unique brand of Post-Grunge music to HouseFire Records (HFR) to release their debut album.

RKMJ first came to the attention of Owner/Operator Isaac Kent in March of 2014, after playing a show in Dartmouth with one of his own projects. “These guys were really fiery. They had great stage presence and lots of energy,” said Kent on first hearing the band. “Oddly enough, I found I was paying the most attention to their rhythm section. The drummer and bassist were extremely tight and precise, allowing for Jarred [the band's lead guitar player] and Jawn [rhythm guitar and vocals] to float on top however they pleased, making for some really unique music.”

Founded by front man Jawn Macdonald, the band writes passionate, dark rock music in the vein

of Nirvana and Alice In Chains, with strong hints of contemporary metal acts such as Avenged Sevenfold and Rage Against The Machine as influences for the bands lead guitarist Jarred Mason. The rhythm section features another member of the Macdonald family; Liege Macdonald (cousin to Jawn) on Bass, and lastly Sean O'Grady on Drums. “The four members come together to form a sound that is truly their own. Post-grunge, post-punk, whatever it is, it's fantastic. I'm proud to have them on the label,” said Kent.

The band begins recording at the end of April, and hopes to release their debut album this summer. For updates on the whole process, upcoming shows, or anything RKMJ related, “Like” the band on facebook at

HouseFire Records is a new Halifax based company founded by Dali Van Gogh lead guitarist Isaac Kent, running Label Operations, Radio Promotion, Digital Distribution, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance, Artist Management, Graphic Design, and Social Media Development.


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