HFR Artist Tri City Villains Release New Single “Rock City Love”

Tri City Villians (TCV), a hard rock act based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, have released the first single titled “Rock City Love”, from their forthcoming, self-titled debut album.

The band signed with HouseFire Records (HFR) in early 2014 and have since been crafting their debut record with producer Isaac Kent at the helm.

“They are an extremely solid, almost classic rock sounding band,” said Kent on the band. “The new single is a testament to that. It features Steve Cole on lead vocals, with Jay Corkum on backups. The album itself goes back and forth between who is taking center stage in the vocal department. With this song the first thing I expect any listener is going to notice is the song sounds like a variety of bands from the 70s and 80s, not the least of which is AC/DC. From the first time I heard the riff the song practically produced itself. All the hooks were there. Gotta love classic rock.”

“We didn't set out with that in mind”, said TCV drummer Sean Sawler when asked about the song sounding so similar to AC/DC, “it's kind of just how the song evolved. It was written before the band's lineup was even finalized. One night at the end of a jam session Jay [Corkum] was jamming with the band's previous drummer and came up with the main riff and basic format for the song. They then brought it to Steve [Cole] who immediately started singing 'ROCK CITY LOVE!'. The whole song came together in that instant. It was completely natural.”

The band's self-titled album is expected to be released in the coming months, but no date has been set in stone. It features 10 songs ranging from classic rock tunes like “Rock City Love” to acoustic ballads in “Stuck All Over You” and “Find Your Dreams”, to more conceptualized, metal sounding songs like “Rip And Tear”.


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