Italian Band Serphic Eyes Release New Single

Seraphic Eyes, a modern day grunge rock band hailing from Biella (Italy), are breaking into the North American market with the international release of their acoustic track “Perfect”. The band has seen a lot of success across their home country playing both original music and paying tribute to grunge giants Nirvana. They have released 2 EPs; the electric EP “Heritage” and the newly released acoustic EP “Uitk RotC” which features the new single.

“I was very excited to hear from these guys” said HFR owner/operator Isaac Kent. “The band has a tonne of energy and charisma. It's no wonder they are so popular at home [Italy]. When their music came across my desk I contacted them right away. Since then it's been a long process for the band getting to this point. They are right in the middle of recording their first full length, electric LP, which I'm hoping to hear really soon. In the mean time we've decided to test the waters with their radio friendly acoustic piece 'Perfect'. The song will be released to more than 700 rock, punk, and indie radio stations across Canada and the US.”

We asked the band's lead vocalist, Alberto Surf, about the single; “[Perfect] is a song about never giving up in life's hard moments. About believing in yourself and pushing forward.” We also asked if the band is planning to tour North America in the near future; “Hell yeah! It would be awesome to come to Canada and the US. We hope to soon. Right now we are almost finished our new LP, we're just waiting on some final thoughts from the label. We hope to eventually transform our passion to write and play into a full time job, and to bring that to millions of people around the world”

You can check out Seraphic Eye's new single “Perfect” on, or check out the band directly on

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