HFR Artist Musical Affair release new record “This Is Not a Statement”, despite studio fire.

Musical Affair, the latest in a series of punks bands signed to Halifax based record label HouseFire Records, have released their new LP “This Is Not a Statement”, and the lead single “Them Crooked Machines”.

The band, who signed with producer Isaac Kent's label almost a year ago, have been crafting the record for some time. Principal recording began and completed in March, with mixing going as close to uninterpreted as possible through the terrible events of the house fire the destroyed Isaac's home and recording studio.

“We were very, very lucky,” said Isaac Kent on the damages caused by the fire. “We recovered one of our backup drives, one of the only items we got out of the building. After being sent to Toronto to literally be rebuilt, we got all of the date back from that drive, including the [Musical Affair] recordings. We only lost maybe one days actual work, and managed to keep the interruption to less than two weeks.”

The band's new record consists of 11 songs plus a short

bonus track. The first single, “Them Crooked Machines”,

was written after a fan compared the band to Rage Against

The Machine. “It was very humbling,” said drummer and

vocalist Jaad Stewart of Musical Affair. “[RATM] are a

fantastic band. When we heard the comment we thought

'well, what would it sound like if we wrote a song for

Rage [Against The Machine]', and within a few days we

had the song.”

You can check out the single on



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