Dali Van Gogh's “The Demon” a “Heavy Metal Masterpiece” says Canadian Radio.

Dali Van Gogh have released their latest single. “The Demon” has been compared to the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Avenged Sevenfold Records, and is being heralded as a “Heavy Metal Masterpiece” by the Canadian Radio Community.

In late 2011, Dali Van Gogh went through many changes. Replacing their previous drummer with Sean Sawler, and bassist with Scott Turnbull, the band went about re-approaching their entire repertoire. With more experienced musicians and new imaginations, DVG has completely re-recorded their entire set. These songs, beginning with “Not My Worst”, “Weight Of The World”, and “Sober” [which were released in February] will be released as singles, EPs, and eventually a full length album expected in late 2012.

The band's current release [The Demon] is an “inner battle”, says Isaac Kent, guitarist for the band. “I wrote the lyrics to a completely different piece of music, and Marcel [McNeil] took those and reworked them into what became the Demon. The song describes my inner worries about this career path [as a musician]. I am not sure if I'll ever make it anywhere with it. Will I be able to push that extra mile when it comes down to it? I don't have a choice, that inner 'Demon' needs to get out and stretch his legs.”

Marcel McNeil, vocalist for Dali Van Gogh, has this to say on the song, “I've loved performing it ever since I first heard that main riff. People really dig the song, we always get a good response from the crowd. I'm glad people like it.”

The band's overall sound has become heavier and meatier with the additions of Sean and Scott, both coming from Heavy Metal backgrounds, and “The Demon” is a testament to that fact. Featuring a grinding, pounding tribal beat, gut-wrenching howling from vocalist Marcel McNeil, a guitar solo Zach Wylde would be proud of, and chunky bass lines keeping the song just at a boiling point. Heavy metal fans everywhere will be proud to call Dali Van Gogh one of their own.

DVG has been getting considerable air play in recent months, spanning as far from home as Norway and Central America, demonstrating the band's growing international appeal.

“If Vincent Van Gogh and Salvidor Dali got together and decided to paint a portrait of Rock N Roll, you'd get Dali Van Gogh,” says Lord Malignus, manager and host of The Evolution Rock Metal Podcast in Guadalajara Mexico. Dali Van Gogh exclusively premiered “The Demon” with the podcast on February 25, before releasing the track to the rest of North American radio on March 14, 2012. You can stream or download the podcast here: http://evolutionrock.podomatic.com/entry/2012-02-24T23_21_16-08_00.

To listen to, or purchase “The Demon” or any Dali Van Gogh release, head to any of their websites:









Dali Van Gogh are in the midst of a major North American radio campaign involving more than 450 stations across Canada and the US, and have begun bookings from for summer.


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