HFR Artist Revenge Killed Mary Jane's Debut Album Now Available Online

HouseFire Records's latest find, Revenge Killed Mary Jane, have released their 16 song debut album online at https://revengekilledmaryjane.bandcamp.com/.

The album spans a 14 year writing period for Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist Jawn Macdonald. “The album itself is like taking a step through time , as that some songs are 14 years old”, Said Jawn, “so playing them now and hearing them on the record is like watching my writing through the years. Like putting great new riffs to all my old songs and hearing them come to life.”

“To me the record is a culmination of all the time we've been jamming,” said Bassist and cousin to the lead vocalist Liege Macdonald. “The band started out with Jawn and Jarred [Mason] playing when they lived together some time back. When I joined the band we began working on some of Jawn's older songs and some of the stuff Jawn and Jarred had been jamming on. It was fairly easy for me to put bass lines down as I had both rhythm and lead guitar to gain inspiration from for my parts. With the addition of Sean [O'Grady], things progressed to the next level, It took a little bit for Sean to find his rhythm, as he hadn't played for a bit, but when he found it we clicked.”

The album was recorded in spring of 2014 with producer and HFR owner Isaac Kent. “This has been one of the easiest and most enjoyable recording processes of my career,” said Kent when asked about tracking the album at his studio in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. “The band came in with a clear idea of what they wanted sound wise, which luckily gelled with what I would have wanted to do with them regardless. We both wanted an in your face, raw record. On top of that the band had well crafted songs none of which needed trimming or major editing to to make sense on today's airways. The band is playing old school metal and grunge rock, yet their songs for the most part are formatted like pop songs.”

We asked Isaac about what it's been like working with the band post recording: “Well they've made my work pretty easy. As I said the songs were radio ready from the get go, so it's just been about building hype and spreading out releasing singles to sustain it.”

The band released their first single, “Your Ship's Ashore”, for world wide radio play in early August, and have just released their second, the more edgy and metal sounding “Supernova”.

“Supernova is about the end of days, or the end of the world,” said Jawn. “It's about physically being there with your loved one or girlfriend and making her smile one last time.”

The band and their album have been getting a lot of notice and love in the band's home town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. One fan posted a review of the band to their facebook page saying “Hands down, the best new comprehensive, sludgy, dirty yet melodic and tight quad ever to grace Dartmouth and beyond. A phenomenal build off Love Hate Love, they held their own and continuously raised the bar until the end of their set. My favourite new band to smash and pulse their way on to my playlist. Phenomenal.” We've seen and heard many more like it.

“To have that connection with even one person in the crowd is as she said 'phenomenal'. We have the best fans anywhere,” said Liege on the post.

“Scarecrow is as close as you can get to seeing us live without leaving the comfort of your couch,” said Jawn on the release of the album, “and it's release has me over the moon excited to give people the ability to say 'I'm feeling some Supernova' and lift up their skirts and smile. If you like albums that are raw and to the bone then I'd say 'Scarecrow' is the album for you.”

The album is available in physical print at local retail locations in the greater Halifax area, and directly from Revenge Killed Mary Jane or HouseFire Records at any of their events. It is now online at https://revengekilledmaryjane.bandcamp.com.

HouseFire Records is a Halifax based company founded by Dali Van Gogh lead guitarist Isaac Kent. The company runs Record Label Operations, Radio Promotion, Digital Distribution, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance, Artist Management, Graphic Design, and Social Media Development.


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