HFR Artist Target The Dreamer Releases Debut Album

Singer/songwriter Victoria Elizabeth's new project, Target The Dreamer, has had a rocky road these past months. From revolving band members, to problems in her personal life, Victoria is very happy to finally have something to show her fans.

“When I first signed with HouseFire Records my intention was to put out some sort of metal infused post hardcore record,” said Victoria on the album, “but I was feeling so much anger and I don't think it was good for me. So we changed directions to something more pop focused. Shortly there after I went through some tough, personal circumstances and had a choice to make. Do something very simple for the album, or cancel it. I've always found I can get my emotions out best with just an acoustic guitar and my voice, so that's what we did in the end.”

Producer and HFR owner Isaac Kent commented on the recording process: “Well there was a lot of confusion for the first few months. And unfortunately just when we were finally getting things moving the whole record

got derailed. We were half way through recording the post-hardcore record when we had to stop.” Isaac continued on about the final product, “Victoria is a gifted songwriter with a great voice. You can hear every flicker of emotion. That's the reason I signed her in the first place. In a way a bare-bones record is what I wanted to do from the beginning, so we've kind of come full circle. It's been an interesting ride.”


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