Musical Affair Release Second Single

Musical Affair have released their second single entitled “Fossils” from their debut, self titled EP.

“Fossils is a song about Jurassic Park,” laughed Vocalist/Drummer Jaad Stewart when asked about the song,” from the raptors point of view. Written almost as a band joke, the tune became a personal favorite. When time came to write lyrics I asked chad to give me an idea, and he threw out the idea of dinosaurs and so because the idea was so random we did just that, and fossils came to be.“

The band has also begun work on their LP with producer Isaac Kent.

“It's a killer sounding record so far,” said Kent on the recording

process, “and it's not just a rehash of their EP. The band has already

evolved substantially, taking influences from Rage Against The

Machine, Tool, Mastodon, and other bands completely outside of the

punk genre. We're doing things sound and effect wise that the band

couldn't do on the EP, which they recorded themselves much to their

credit. The new record is raw and heavy, but much more technical

than the EP. It explores themes of social change while still

maintaining the band's almost comedic attitude towards life.”

This release comes hot on the heals of HFR's announcement of the

lineup for their first annual festival, which includes Musical Affair

opening up the event on May 15th. “The energy [Musical Affair]

brings to the table is a great way to kick off the show. We've got 20

bands over 3 days from across the Atlantic Provinces, all on one stage

at Monte's Showbar in Dartmouth. It's gonna be a wild event.”

HouseFire Records is a Halifax based company founded by Dali

Van Gogh lead guitarist Isaac Kent. The company runs Record Label Operations, Radio Promotion, Digital Distribution, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance, Artist Management, Graphic Design, and Social Media Development.


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