Musical Affair Signs With HouseFire Records

HouseFire Records has picked up two man punk newcomers Musical Affair, signing them to a two album deal.

The band got it's start in late 2013 when two members of the progressive metal band The Victorian Complex continued working together post the band's breakup. Having worked on various musical ideas earlier in the year, Jaad Stewart and Chad Cottreau brought their idea of a two piece, synth-bass driven punk band to fruition with the recording of their self-titled debut EP: Musical Affair.

“The EP has been available in theory for some time,” said owner of HouseFire Records and producer Isaac Kent, “but we [HFR] are going to give it a proper release, and distribute several singles around the globe for radio play.”

Kent continued on about the band's sound, and why he wanted to work with them; “Well for starters, the boys [Jaad and Chad] are extremely passionate musicians. Punk music sometimes gets a bad rep as just being this angst drive phase for sub-par musicians, before they move on to other genres or other endeavors. And granted sometimes that can be true for any

genre really, but not with these two. They

played progressive music for years before starting this project, and it spills into their sound. They've got full on 4 finger tapping for riffage at points. And yet they manage to embody the stripped down raw simplicity that is punk music. It's very cool to watch live. And they definitely feel the music in a very genuine way. You'll find no pretenders in Musical Affair.”

The band's first single, the self titled song “Musical Affair”, has already been released by HFR for radio play world wide. Vocalist and drummer Jaad Stewart explained the song's origins: “The track [Musical Affair] was one of the very first songs written in the roster of songs on our EP. We originally wrote it as a throwaway keyboard track, but eventually molded it into the forward, aggressive song it is today. The lyrical content dips into some darker territory, telling the story of a girl getting in with the wrong man.”

Musical Affair has also signed on to record and release their first full length album with the label. The band has already began pre production, with plans to record the album in early 2015 for a summer release.

“I'm very much looking forward to it,” said Kent on the future record. “I've already heard some of the new material and it's pretty rad. Already have lots of ideas for sounds and the like.”

To check out the bands EP visit:

For more info on the band visit:

This announcement comes hot on the heels of CD releases from HFR artists Revenge Killed Mary Jane, Target The Dreamer, and Tri City Villains, which leaves us wondering what will come next for the fledgling record label?

“Well, we've got a music festival coming together for May of 2014, as well as several new artists in the pipeline, but for those you'll just have to wait,” said Kent.


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