Revenge Killed Mary Jane release new “Theme Song”, add New Guitarist

Revenge Killed Mary Jane have released their new singe entitled “Revenge Is On It's Way”, the 3rd single from their debut album “Scarecrow”.

“If the band has [a theme song], that's definitely it,” said producer and HFR owner Isaac Kent when asked about the tune. “It plays on all the themes the band commonly writes about, and I believe it's one of the first they ever wrote.” We asked him about the production of the song itself: “The recording is dark and foreboding, beginning with a single guitar melody as the rest of the band slowly joining in before an explosion into the main structure of the song. It's a great representation of what the band is all about.”

We asked drummer Sean O'Grady about the writing process: “Jarred [Mason] and I were messing around with a beat I was playing while Jawn [Macdonald] and Liege [Macdonald] were upstairs eating I think. When they returned they added their pieces to the puzzle. The song came together really quickly. This one just feels natural to play.”

“The lyrics are just a play on our name,” said vocalist and chief lyric writer Jawn Macdonald, “nothing beyond that really. Like Sean said the song came together very fast like a lot of our music.”

The band's chemistry is readily apparent, with pre-production already underway for a follow up to their debut album “Scarecrow”, including several songs where band rolls are switched around “They've already debuted at lease one new piece where Jawn is on drums and Sean is singing. And I know of at least one more in the works,” said Kent. “These guys were made to play with each other.”

The band has also recently added a new member to the band in Bradley Schofield, replacing previous guitarist Jarred Mason who has left the band for personal reasons. “We are pleased to welcome Bradley Schofield to Revenge Killed Mary Jane. With a great passion for music and an ability to shred like a mad man on top of being one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Bradley has already shown us he will be a fantastic addition to the band,” said Sean O'Grady on the new member.

Revenge Killed Mary Jane will be a headlining act at the 2015 HouseFire Records Festival, being held a Montes Showbar (245 Waverly Road, Dartmouth, NS) on May 15th, 16th, and 17th. The band will will take the stage shortly before midnight on Friday, the 15th, and will be followed by the show closer and local favorites Hitman.

To check out the band head to or

HouseFire Records is a Halifax based company founded by Dali Van Gogh lead guitarist Isaac Kent. The company runs Record Label Operations, Radio Promotion, Digital Distribution, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance, Artist Management, Graphic Design, and Social Media Development.


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