HFR Artist The Unchained Release Short EP: Innocence Lost

Halifax based Post-Industrial Metal project The Unchained have released a 3 song EP entitled Innocence Lost through HouseFire Records.


The Unchained, an industrial infused hard rock and metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, have released their first EP entitled Innocence Lost, to audiences across North America through HouseFire Records.

The Unchained began as an idea in the head of Vocalist/Songwriter Ethan Anderson in early 2013. Having compiled many lyric and song concepts over several years, Ethan met multi instrumentalist Isaac Kent though his radio show (Drag The Waters) on 88.1 CKDU,

“I first started writing music in 2009, but the Unchained began with my friendship with Isaac Kent in the summer of 2013,” said Ethan. “He contacted me with music from his band Dali Van Gogh. At the time the band was very active and was looking to expand it's radio play, both in the city and across the country. We stuck up a working relationship and friendship very quickly. Soon after, Isaac expressed interest in expanding his dealings in the music industry beyond his own band, which by the end of 2013 was on hiatus. I recommended several local artists to him, and help broker a deal with Victoria Elizabeth of Target The Dreamer. On one of the early nights that the three of us were supposed to meet, Victoria unfortunately had to cancel. We were meeting at Isaac's studio in Eastern Passage, so obviously when the meeting fell through we ended up playing some music. Isaac had lots of side material that was too heavy for DVG, and I had lyrics for days.”

Isaac has always been impressed Ethan's songwriting prowess. “Right away we began piecing songs together and before we knew it we easily had an album's worth of material,” said Kent. “The man pumps out lyrics like a machine, so much that I'm tapping him to help with writing the new Dal [Van Gogh] album.”

The 3 song EP, Innocence Lost, was recorded at Isaac Kent's rental home in the wake of the fire that destroyed his house in studio in early 2015. “We had the whole record's bed tracks recorded, and were ready to move into full production just as we had the fire. So it it was a big hit to this project, we well as my own personal life of course. Since then I have been picking up the pieces of my old life, including doing substantial data recovery on all of my hard drives. We recovered demos of most of The Unchained material, and instead of waiting on the new studio to be built (which should be this summer), we decided to move ahead with a few songs to see what we could do in the mean time.

The miniature record features 3 songs: the originals Marked and The Missing Link, as well as a cover of Boston based band Anarchy Club's hit single A Bullet In The Head.

“In the early days of my radio show,” explained Ethan, “I contacted Anarchy Club, whom I'd heard of through the video games Rock Band and Guitar Hero, for an interview on my show. Since then I have kept in contact with them and continued to spin their music. I express interest in covering one of their songs to the band, and the reception was positive. The band gave us written permission to release the cover as a free download and stream.”

Members of Anarchy Club are thrilled with the cover. The band posted on The Unchained facebook page: “WOW! You guys turned it up a few notches!!! I'm sincerely honoured you liked the song enough to cover it. Nice work.” Guitarist for the band Adam Buhler added “Whoa. That was HEAVY. Love how you brought out the industrial guts of the song.”

Check out Boston based band Anarchy Club at www.anarchyclub.com.

The second song on the record, Marked, is a post-industrial power house dedicated to apocalyptic fiction, including zombie apocalypse stories, the Evil Dead , Dawn Of The Dead, and 28 Days Later. “I read Ethan's lyrics and immediately my head started spinning with ideas for a main guitar riff, or realy I should say riffs. We made two decisions about the sound of the record, which has now become several records, very early on. The first was that I wanted to divide all of my guitar riffs into small parts for multiple instruments, very similar to what Korn and other Nu-Metal bands do. Secondly we wanted to feature distorted organ and keyboard sounds to augment and supplement the guitars. That really pushed my thinking on how to write the song. I wanted some thing dramatic, and driving, but also abrasive. The riff evolved from the scare chord pinch harmonic notes and driving rhythmic pattern of Ethan's vocal melody.”

The third track, Missing Link, is based on Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange. “This one is by far my favourite song I've ever written,” said Ethan. “at least to date. The song began years back, when I was writing a concept album about the abstract idea of the dark and light in all human nature. The Missing Link is sung from the perspective of the Darkness or perhaps even the Devil, singing to Alex, the protagonist of the novel. Isaac knew exactly what I was going for music wise as soon as I showed him the lyrics, something of a mixed between Device's song Out Of Line, and Mr Bungle's Quote Unquote. A very pulsing, rhythmic, almost anthem-esque kind of feel.”

Isaac Kent, best known as a guitarist, played every instrument on the recordings with the exception of drum loops, which were provided by Dali Van Gogh and Musical Affair drummer Jaad Stewart. “Jaad is an excellent drummer, which I am not,” laughed Kent. “It was a no brainer to go to him for some help with the project. He's more than delivered and we hope to feature him on the rest of our recordings moving forward.” Isaac also produced and recorded the tracks.

The EP is the first in an expected run of small releases to come from The Unchained, before the band compiles and release a planned full length album after HouseFire Studio One is finished construction.

You can listen to the the EP on the band's facebook page (www.facebook.com/theunchained) or download it for free at www.housefirerecords.wix.com/theunchained.

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