HouseFire Records Signs Australian Rock Band Recreator


HouseFire Records (HFR) is extremely proud to announce the signing of Recreator, a grunge rock band from Southern Australia.

Recreator, who were recently nominated for Best Rock Artist in the South Australia Music Awards, formed in late 2014. The band features Nathan Jenner on Vocals/Guitar, Chris Newell on Drums, and Jesse Berkfeld on Bass, all longtime friends who were brought together through their love of writing and composing.

“From a very early age we found writing as a way of expressing our feelings and emotions, life experiences and philosophies,” said bassist Jesse Berkfeld on the formation of the band. “We believe Grunge is a style that people still long to hear, allowing us the ultimate freedom to express, as it is not bound by rules and laws of the establishment”.

Recreator has been heavily influenced by bands of the 90s, such as Nirvana and Australian grunge band Silverchair, but that hasn't stopped the band from pumping out modern day radio hits. “Intimate Odyssey, which will be the band's first single with [HouseFire Records], is what first had me interested in the group,” said producer and HFR owner Isaac Kent. “It's a straight rock anthem with some sultry funk influences. If that had been my only exposure to the band I'd have never guessed these guys were influenced by grunge music. They have an extremely wide repertoire on this album. From ballads to heavy grunge tunes I could have easily imagined on a Nirvana album. They are a very solid group.”

Intimate Odyssey will hit radios across North America in the coming weeks, and was written by the band's vocalist Nathan Jenner. “I wrote the song almost 6 years ago,” said Nathan, “around the same time I wrote Recreator and Nowhere to Run. I was mucking about with lead riffs, and came up with the sexy riff in the verse. I then came up with the lyrics about a night of passion, an the Intimate Odyssey sort of theme, but it was really Jesse who pulled the song together when he wrote the main bass line that carries through the guitar solo.”

Recreator has received accolades across Australia, having recently shared the stage with The Hard Aches. They have been featured in numerous magazines and music publications, including CrankItUp out of the US who gave the band a 6.5/7 stars review and received over 70 000 online views. The band are now making their true North American debut with hopes of a future tour.

“We'd love to bring our music to Canada and the US, I can't wait to see how our music fares overseas,” said drummer Chris Newell.

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